100% SAFE

The Carbon Relax technology has a dissipative, anti-static effect that also protects against electric shocks.

Carbon Relax technology makes it possible to obtain a product with anti-bacterial, anti-mycotic and anti-mite properties.

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Our vision, taking care of your rest time

and transforming it into well-being.

We have made your safety and well-being our priorities. This is the latest news in terms of well-being and safety, operation at an extremely low-voltage current, lower than 20 Volt. It complies with all the safety devices foreseen by international standards. It protects against the risk of electric shocks caused by water or external impacts.


In this case, the protection against electric shocks is based on its Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) power supply.
The Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) power supply is produced in accordance with the most severe safety standards and international legislation.

The capillary, parallel layout of the high-tech carbon nanotube yarns inside the fabric avoids the onset of “Hot-Spots” that occur in the electrical cables arranged in serpentine patterns.  The capillary layout of the high-tech carbon nanotube yarns makes sure that the transmission and dissipation of heat are not jeopardised even if a yarn is broken.

Protection against fire risks


Thanks to the DC power supply and the extremely low voltage, no hazardous magnetic waves are generated, typical of alternating current (AC) powered products with a high voltage.
The innovative Carbon Relax technology makes it possible to generate heat that is good for both humans and for the surrounding environment.

Flame retardant yarns are especially designed to fulfill the mostdemanding requirements of international fire regulations.

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