Thanks to its characteristic, Carbon fibre is quickly making its name as a privileged, prestigious material,
within fields aimed at improve the quality of life respecting the environment.

An ancient fibre material of the future.

Innovation, Safety, Heat

The Carbon Relax technology uses high-tech carbon nanotube yarns woven into the texture of the fabric itself. The capillary layout of these yarns confers both a uniform, constant and healthy distribution and transmission of heat.

Such layout, combined with the high electrical resistivity of the high-tech carbon nanotube yarns, 2,058 times more than copper, generates a high Joule effect. This effect allows to transform electricity into thermal energy (heat), guaranteeing a greater efficiency of conversion, compared with traditional heat-generating products.

low-voltage current less than 20 Volt, is enough to generate heat, therefore guaranteeing the utmost safety also in the case in which the product is accidentally wet. In this way we can offer portable products, powered with compact batteries, which make them handy and light, providing the utmost flexibility and freedom both at home and outdoors.

Thanks to a greater efficiency in converting electricity into thermal energy and its capillary layout on the fabric itself, the heat generated is not invasive and does not come into direct contact with the skin, but it is able to spread uniformly and constantly, providing a pleasant, embracing, safe and regenerating sensation of warmth.

times more than cropper,
generates a high Joule effect​


It also has high anti-static properties, a characteristic that is durable over time. When compared to electrical cables, high-tech carbon nanotube yarns do not become rusty when they come into contact with water and humidity.


30° Washable

their electrical characteristics remain intact enabling the product to be entirely machine washable.


Resistant to bacteria

Thanks to the specific properties of the high-tech carbon nanotube yarns, this product that can resist the attacks of harmful bacteria and micro-organisms.



The high-tech carbon nanotube yarn is ecological and 100% recyclable.