Enjoy Italian comfort in your home

Warmth, ergonomic design and the environment are essential factors to maintain our psycho-physical health.


Starting from the need to improve personal well-being and the quality of life, we have developed an innovative technology called Carbon Relax, that allows to generate constant, uniform and widespread heat in a non-invasive way.


Thanks to the innovative, patented Carbon Relax solution, we have finally been able to eliminate the use of electrical cables and safety problems, Hot-Spot phenomena, bothersome protuberances, scarce quality of the heat and environmental impact. The innovative Carbon Relax technology allows to generate heat without the use of electrical cables and to produce heat-generating products that are soft, flexible and as resistant as normal fabric.

The Carbon Relax technology has anti-static properties, in order to absorb and dissipate the electricity charges accumulated by the body throughout the day, ensuring anti-stress, relaxing effects.


Yet another advantage is provided by the use of yarns with anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and anti-static properties, that promote health and hygiene even further, especially for children, the old people and person with allergies. Our products with the Carbon Relax technology succeed in fulfilling the most demanding needs in terms of performance and safety, substantially improving the experience of use, comfort and handling.

Our vision:

taking care of your rest time
and transforming it into well-being

our Mission

Our mission and future orientation comply with a smart use and an highly innovative appearance, combined with sensible use and respect for the environment.


They are a reliable response for people who wish to take care of themselves, of others as well as the environment in which they live. One product that, at the same time, provides many benefits.