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It generates a invigorating relaxing and embracing warmth.

Thanks to the innovative Carbon Relax technology, non-invasive, constant, uniform warmth is generated, capable avoiding the phenomena of overheating.
This warmth avoids the overheating of the body, scalds and skin irritation.
It generates a type of warmth that is constant, uniform, targeted and safe: all factors to promote the well-being of your body.

In order to benefit from optimal well-being,
people need a healthy, safe environment in which they can rest and relax.

omogeneous heat

The capillary layout of the high-tech carbon nanotube yarns in the fabric, endures a uniform coverage of the surface to be heated,

therefore the transmission and dissipation of heat is homogeneous, providing a sensation of relaxation than helps muscular distension.

No hot-spot

No “Hot-Spots” are generated, that can cause burns and overheating in certain parts of the body

as occurs with the serpentine arrangement of electrical cables in traditional heat-generating products.

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